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Welcome to The Radiant Pursuit!
Go ahead, take off your coat, stay awhile!

So you’ve found the blog, explored the pages, and now you’re wondering, “What in the world is this whole thing all about?” Well, inquisitive reader, I’m so glad you asked.
I was sitting at my desk one Saturday morning racking my brain for a catchy yet meaningful title for this online writing endeavor, and as my rumination progressed I began to fixate on the adjective ‘radiant.’ I liked the word, but because I’m a linguist at heart, I consulted the dictionary for a clear definition:

ra•di•ant (adj.)
1. bright with joy, hope, etc.
2. emitting rays of light; shining; bright

As I studied the definition, I had to smile. I know several people who accurately embody the word ‘radiant,’ and in my experience, they are some of the best people to be around—their attitude and perspective on life is uplifting, their excitement for Christ is challenging, and their grin is dangerously contagious. Indeed, I knew radiance was something I needed here.

Once I had decided upon the adjective ‘radiant’ I began to search for the perfect noun with which to pair it. ‘Radiant…..What?’ Radiant Faith? Nah…too cliché. Radiant Bliss? Okay, but what is that? And then I had an epiphany, and it all clicked.

The Radiant Pursuit.

Anyone who has read my writing could tell you that ‘pursuit’ sees some heavy mileage in my work, and it fits seamlessly with the message I desire for this blog. Even so, I turned to the dictionary.

pur•suit (noun)
1. an effort to secure or attain
2. any occupation in which a person is engaged regularly or customarily

I love the second definition—an occupation in which a person is engaged regularly. As the name of the blog came together, I realized that our walks as Christians were designed to be ‘The Radiant Pursuit.’

It’s our job to chase after Christ regularly—not occasionally, or when we think we need Him. The Bible tells us that when we actively seek Christ, we will find Him; we must take action, rather than waiting complacently for Christ to seek us. This is pursuit.

Radiance, on the other hand, is something that is blatantly underestimated and oftentimes forgotten. I’ve seen the effects of its absence in my own life. I pursue Christ when times get tough, and thank Him when things are good, but my attitude is not consistent with my faith. I find that I am easily discouraged by other people’s opinions and actions, life circumstances I deem ‘unfair,’ and my overall inadequacy; unfortunately, my attitude often reflects that. In those seasons, I am not filled with joy and hope, and I don’t live my life as a shining example, because I feel as though God has abandoned me.

But in my wallowing, I lose sight of the reason that I should be filled with joy. My Savior died on the cross to save me from my sins, gifted me with grace to fill in the gaps, and I have eternal life with Him! There is nothing that I can do, no hardship, no trial, that can take that away from me. That’s a cause for joy, people!

No matter what you are struggling with, you have the choice to pursue Christ with a kind of radiance that baffles the world. The radiant pursuit is all about casting off the toils of this world and focusing our eyes on Heaven as the source of our joy. It isn’t easy, but this mindset has the power to transform your outlook.

We are called to ‘be the light’ to the dark world around us. When we stumble, we need simply to ‘pursue the light’ and be found. Radiance is revolutionary, and it starts with the decision to remain bright with joy and hope—even in the midst of darkness.

It is my prayer that this blog would encourage you to pursue the Father with a kind of radiance that the world just doesn’t understand. A coterie of radiant Christ followers has the power to make a difference, and it all starts with your decision.

Let’s choose the radiant pursuit.




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