It’s Wednesday folks, and I’ll bet you can guess what we have up for discussion today. That’s right! It’s time for a new Wednesday in the Word!

This week’s word: ephemeral


Before we go any farther, let’s take a look at the definition.


e·phem·er·al  (adj.)

       1. lasting for a very short time

       2. fleeting


As far as my writing lexicon is concerned, ephemeral is one of my favorites. As far as our Christian walk is concerned, ephemeral is a term with a very important message.


A while back, I watched a Francis Chan video on YouTube that perfectly encapsulated the idea of ephemerality. The video opens with Chan holding a long white rope. He explains that there is small portion of the end of the rope that is wrapped with red tape, and that this taped-off section represents our lives here on Earth as Christians.


He continues on to say that rest of the white colored rope represents our lives in eternity. He stresses that the choices we make in the short time that we are living out the red tape affect us for the rest of the white rope saying, “Everything I do will either bring reward or regret.”


Chan makes an excellent point about the ephemeral nature of life. While some seasons seem to drag themselves out forever, in the grand scheme of things, life is short. There are no dress rehearsals, do-overs, or rewinds. We are given one life to live and time pushes forward whether we are ready or not.


When immersed in the ups and downs of life, it is easy to lose sight of the biggest part of our existence: our eternity. As a young person, I am guilty of telling myself that I will get my act together when I’m an adult; I’ll be strong in my faith, I’ll live the way God wants me to, I’ll make a difference. But what is lost in this mindset is that I am not guaranteed an adulthood.


As morbid as it sounds, we are not guaranteed a certain amount of time in this fleeting world. If I wait to pull myself together until tomorrow, it may be too late.


Our time on Earth is a miniscule part of our existence in the Kingdom, yet it bears so much weight on eternity. When put into this perspective, every choice and every day becomes infinitely more precious.


Whether you’re heading off to college and ready to face the rest of your life, working through the week, or simply enjoying retirement, remember that life is ephemeral.


Life may be short, but eternity is waiting for us on the other side. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and press on!




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