Busy, Brainy, Brave

As a recently graduated senior, I have found that there is one word that punctuates my vocabulary a little more than I’d like: Busy.


I’ve got grad parties to attend, jobs to work, obligations at home, friends that I want to keep in touch with, and a to do list that stares at me every time I have the free time to sit down at my desk. These days, ‘Busy with a capital B’ is my middle name, but I know I’m not the only one who feels like this!


I think we all reach a point in life when things get busy. In today’s society, busyness is almost inevitable. You’ve got a job, a family, a social life, and just enough room for the rest of what life throws at you in the day.


A day in the life of a working American is a day with a packed itinerary. In all likelihood, I don’t need to tell you that; you already know. You’ve got the brains in your head to know that each day when the alarm clock sounds it’s time to hit the ground running or get lost in the dust.


When it comes to the busyness of life, I often catch myself wishing that I had the time to take a nap, or read a book, or have quiet time with God. One of the most influential revelations I’ve ever had was when I realized that as a human, I am the master of the time that God has given me. It is up to me to block out how I will spend my day.


It seems like a small thing, but this realization made a huge impact in my life. My time is only as limited as I make it. There are lots of brainy people by the world’s standards—and it doesn’t take much to realize that we can control our own time—but it takes a special type of discipline to be a brainy Christian.


Spending time in God’s Word is essential for spiritual growth, but if we don’t make it a priority in our day, it can be cast to the wayside. As I said before, this realization was monumental in my walk with Christ; what came after this epiphany was even more telling.


Intentionally setting aside time for the Lord, though it sounds simple, is a job. A job that is quite often not taken seriously. It had to put God in my planner—physically write, “read your Bible”—to make sure that I spent time in the Word after a long day of work.


When I did this, I found myself cracking my Bible open at 11:30 at night and wanting with all of my being to crawl into bed and turn off the light. It sounds silly, but it took legitimate bravery to face the day and then settle down and read my Bible.


Though we pack our days to the brim with work and activities, it takes a brave soul to fight the drowsy eyes and sleepy brains of early morning or late night readings. Because sometimes, that’s when we must fit it in.


The truth is, we all get busy. It takes brains to realize that our busyness is never an excuse to put off quality time with the Father, and it takes bravery to put aside the things that we’d rather do to honor the Father with our time.


You are busy.

You are brainy.

You are brave.


And you are in charge of your time.  Make the choice to give your time to the one who gave it to you in the first place.





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