Where You’re Planted

Spring is in full swing now that we’ve hit the month of May, and our garden has clearly gotten the memo. The neat plot of dirt, sectioned off with sturdy wooden railroad ties, is filled to the brim with bright pink, purple, yellow, and orange blooms. Each flower has been given its own space according to the amount of sunlight it needs to prosper and is growing with each passing day.


There are, however, a few unruly sprigs of pansy blooms that have decided to take the unconventional route in the whole growing process. As you can see from the picture above, some have taken root on the outside of the railroad ties, away from all the other flowers, and dirt for that matter.


These flowers have amazed me these past few weeks, as they have continued to grow in their unlikely home. I have to imagine that if these flowers could talk, they might be complaining about how tough things get on the outside… Which brings me to my topic for today.


Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “I wish that I could be where they are right now”?


Perhaps it’s a young neighbor living out their prime, or a successful peer accomplishing things you wish you could, or maybe an elder in a position you covet…


Despite the fact that we as humans always seem to be chasing the ‘next thing’ in life, I believe that there is beauty in living passionately in the now. Something that I have begun to notice more and more is the fact that God’s planning is unbelievably intricate. His ways are not always conventional, His timing is not always timely, but his plan is perfect.


I say this because it can be difficult to grasp why people are put into sticky life situations by a loving God. Why do some children have to grow up in abusive and unstable environments? Why do individuals end up making destructive decisions because no one told them otherwise? Why do some struggle to afford a home while others enjoy lavish abodes?


Sometimes dreaming of where we want to be leaves us resenting ‘the now’ and asking God why we must face difficulty when others are ‘let off the hook.’


I don’t have the answers, but I do have a suggestion: Grow where you’re planted.


Our circumstances present us with the opportunity to make the best of what we are given—even if it isn’t much.


We don’t get to choose the hand that we’re dealt in life. God designs unique paths for each of his children, and for some, this means that life gets pretty rocky. You might have been planted in the desert and left wondering how you are supposed to prosper, but that’s okay.


Wherever you are in life—whether thriving or struggling to get by—pursue growth. We miss the beauty of God’s plan when we wallow in what could be instead of flourishing on the path God has called us to walk.


We’re all in different stages of life, walking different paths, living different realities. No matter where you are, make an effort to truly prosper. You can mope about today and dream about tomorrow, or seek the Lord in the middle of the unconventionality—the choice is yours!


Whether you’re like our super pansies or sitting more comfortably in the garden, grow where you’ve been planted. God has you right where He needs you, and he wants to see you make a difference today!






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