A Love Better Than Life

“Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.” –Psalm 63:3 NIV


Read that again.


It’s like a prayer: God, because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. What a beautiful statement.


Written in the words of King David, Psalm 63:3 boldly claims that because God’s love is greater than anything we experience in life, He deserves our praise.


What I love about this verse is that it calls for a radical shift in perspective. Rather than focusing on our earthly status for grounds to praise the Lord, Psalm 63:3 says that we should praise the Lord simply because his undeserved love is so immeasurably boundless.


Another thing that I love about Psalm 63:3 is that it applies to every situation. God’s love is better than the highest mountaintops of our lives—and the success, and joy that come with them. God’s love is also better than the deepest valleys of our lives—and the pain and suffering that come with them.


No matter our situation, the beautiful truth remains that our Savior’s love transcends every season of life. His love allows us to stand, bruised and broken in the middle of life’s chaos, and glorify Him. His love is vast beyond all measure, and it is the lifeline we must cling to when we’ve come to the end of our rope.


But it doesn’t stop there. That last part of the verse cries, “My lips will glorify you.”


It’s easy to shed tears of joy in the good times and raise our voice to Heaven with songs of praise. But when things get tough, the praises become hard.


Something that really changed me as a Christian was my commitment to praise God in all circumstances in response to this verse. You would be amazed at how your perspective can be flipped upside down when you look trials in the eye and say, “No matter what happens today, glory be to God.”


Whatever is gripping you right now, be it good or bad, God’s love is greater.  It may be difficult to keep our focus on the joy of His love, but it is vital.


When we truly grasp the magnitude of the Father’s love, our natural response should be to praise Him. Whether it be through a shout of acclamation or a quiet whisper in dark times, let us praise the Father for His love.





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