Hats & Umbrellas

Alright, I’ve got an important question for you:  Do you wear hats?


I’ll be the first to admit that a baseball cap is my go-to for those summertime bad hair days, and winter would be unbearable without the warmth of a fuzzy beanie…but I’m not talking about those types of hats.


I suppose it was a trick question, because everyone wears these types of hats. I’m talking about the age old phrase, ‘He wear many hats,’ as in, we all perform different roles or tasks under each ‘hat.’


You’ve likely got an arsenal: there’s the Mom hat, the Student hat, the Sibling hat, the Grandparent hat, the Co-worker hat, the Listener hat, the Comforter hat, the Christian hat, and many more.


What strikes me about wearing hats throughout the day is how many shifts we must make. I wake up in the morning with my Family hat on, and exchange that for my Student hat once I get to school. At lunch time, I switch out my Student hat for my Friend hat, (or more accurately, my Hungry Hippo hat) but then promptly swap to the Student hat for post-lunch Calculus class. After school I toss off the Student hat in exchange for my Family hat, but then switch to my Co-worker hat when I arrive at work. In all, my day is a constant cycle of fulfilling different roles.


There is no schedule for wearing hats. Sometimes at school I must don my Co-worker hat for a group project. Sometimes at home I must wear my Student hat late into the night to finish homework.


So where does Jesus come in?


Well, I mean, I wear the Christian hat at Bible Study on Thursdays and at church on Sunday…


Here lies the problem.


Amid the many noggin covers we wear throughout the day, too often we treat Jesus like one of the other hats. We segregate Him out of our other duties and reserve Him for special occasions. After all, we wouldn’t want to dirty up such a special hat in the sticky situations that require it the most!


This was troubling to me as I thought about my daily hat-wearing charade, because when it comes to wearing the ‘Christian hat’ I am guilty. As I was mulling over this idea, my recurring thought was, ‘There has to be a better way to do this.’


And then it struck me. Umbrellas.


As a female who tends to care about the general state of her finicky hair, I am a big proponent of umbrellas. Their versatile design can protect a user from rain, blistering sun, wind, snow, hail, and most of the other surprises the weather hurls at us. They aren’t difficult to use (unless the wind decides to get funny and whip them inside out) and are relatively easy to store.


Before you start thinking that this is a sales pitch for umbrellas, allow me to explain.


Though we wear many hats throughout the day, the simple truth is that Jesus deserves way more than a spot on our head on Sunday morning. Ephesians 4:6 tells us the Christ is, “over all, through all, and in all,’ which means that He should permeate every hat that we wear.


Enter the Jesus Umbrella.


Logistically, hats and umbrellas serve a similar purpose: to protect, to shield, to help. The difference between our daily headgear and a Jesus Umbrella is that no matter which hat we wear, we can always carry our Jesus Umbrella.


Can you imagine carrying an umbrella over your head at all times? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a bit of a hassle to me! (I mean, have you ever tried to carry something in one hand and manage an umbrella in the other?) Even though inserting Jesus into all of our roles is crucial, it isn’t always convenient. It may require more time, more thought, a change of plans, but boy is it worth it.


The truth is, carrying a Jesus Umbrella with us is both the easiest and most difficult thing to do. The only stipulation an umbrella requires is that you, wait for it, hold on. It sounds menial in theory, and in some seasons it is, but when the swirling wind of life encircles you, it becomes a battle.


Hats and Umbrellas. It’s a juggling act.


If you knew it was going to rain today, you’d take your umbrella with you. We cannot predict what the storms of life will throw our way, but we can be ready. Under the safety of your umbrella, Christ will provide.


While you don the Dad hat, carry the Umbrella. While you wear the Co-worker hat, hold tight to the Umbrella.


Whatever roles you are fulfilling today, don’t forget your Jesus Umbrella at home.  The minute we step out from underneath Christ’s canopy is the moment we are met with the downpour of life.


The forecast? Who knows!


My advice? Grab your Umbrella.






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