Is It All Worth It?

When thinking about the day to day grind of doing life while pursuing your dream, have you ever asked yourself the question “Is it all worth it?”


I know I have.


God has equipped us to accomplish incredible things as humans. With determination, we can entrepreneur businesses, make a difference in our community, handle incredible amounts of stress, or be the best parent in the world simply because the Lord rewards our hard work. In the truest sense, He enables us to defy the odds and undertake intimidating feats.


And yet, the thing is, sometimes our timeline doesn’t quite match up with God’s. When we’re working toward a goal—as we all are, in some sense—it can be frustrating to not see the desired results when we want to see them.


Perhaps you’ve experienced this: For weeks, or months, or years you do all the work, you make the extra effort, you try your best, you plan it out just right, and what have you got to show for it? Aside from the questions, not much.


In those times, it becomes difficult to find the justification needed to press on.


You think: Why am I still doing it? Why the late nights? Why the failed attempts?


Believe me, I’ve been there. When it seems that our efforts are going unrewarded, it can be nearly impossible to find the motivation to keep on keeping on.


So where’s the silver lining?


Though you may not find recognition with man, God knows what you’re doing. He sees your heart, he knows your intentions, and you will be rewarded—maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not on this Earth, but some day.


We’re all chasing something—be it a realized dream, a passion, an education, a better life,  or simply a bit of peace.  Whether you’re seeing the results or not, God sees even the smallest act done for His Glory.


Regardless of what the world thinks, God’s got your back in this. Your efforts are not in vain, and one day His timing will make sense. For now, push forward. No matter what the world says, keep going. Why?


Because your dream is worth it.





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